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As engraved pet iD tags have all written and visible to everyone information, SNQiT – Pets profile use encrypted information.
The pets owners name is not displayed in a full format just a name.
Address – use CLICK TO MAP function
About pet – information owner limited as his or her desire.
Two Phone numbers will be displayed, but with CliCK to Call Function
Please look to this example of how your pet profile will look on your smartphone.
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I’m still not sure it’s a good idea. I know the chip method needs someone with a scanner and someone who can access the database before the owners details can be found. Even then the vet (usually) won’t release the details they’ll contact the owner. Do you use it?


In the UK, the Control of Dogs Order 1992 No. 901 states that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on it, or engraved on a tag. Your telephone number is optional.
You can be fined up to £5,000 if your dog does not wear an identification tag.
Mr A Smtih
No 54 Letsbe Avenue
BH17 7TD
0100 111000
SNQiT not revealing any extra details as necessary, under the UK law regalement.
A microchip is like a birth certificate- a database containing not just identification details but also all pet owners have in past, and medical records if owner providing.
SNQiT is an electronic identification tag who replacing engraving tags.
All pets still need to have a microchip, as the microchip is like pets passport they caring all time around.
SNQiT method is better as an old engraving method for a few facts
1)Suitable for all pets
2)Two phone number for emergency
3)encrypted address (CLICK To MAP)
4)Owner change details at any time as many time is necessary with no extra pay (engraving pay extra every time change address or phone number)
5)Add additional information about the pet. Example:
ex.1- My Cat has an allergy please do not feed her.
ex.2- My dog needs adrenalin shots please immediately contact veterinary.

Smart- tag can be activated with smartphone

NFC- (Near field communication) most smartphones have this function to operate contactless payments. Google-pay; Apple-pay

QR- (Quick Response) every smartphone with camera have this future

iDentification- reveals all pets information, same as pet’s microchip

Tag- a small piece or part that is attached to a main body

WeB SNQiT – activates pressing this text as a link and falowing activation instructions

Premium SNQiT – No activation necessary this tag will be sent to you fully activated and ready to use.

NFC iD Tag – necessary NFC activation APP. All necessary activation you will do your self manually. We recommending using this function just if you know what you doing.

WeB SNQiT – £6.99 is a one-time payment, no extra fees. WeB SNQiT will be activated for a pet lifetime.

or  upgrade to Premium

Is less than a loaf of bread for just *£0.68 per month you will get up to 3 pet registration on one account; Lost Found Support; SNQiT long term Warranty;

  • Price cheaper as you pay for a loaf of bread
  • Our WeB SNQiT have pets life time warrantee (the warranty only applies to the subscription period time)
  • %100 safe to all pets and people
  • With WEB SNQiT you control tag information
  • 5000+ symbols inform about your pet
  • Slim design blends with collar
  • And much more…

SNqiT is %100 safe for your pets or for you and your child.

Have no battery so is no risk with an electric shock.

Working with a short range of the mobile device, translating radio wave just a time is contacting smartphone.

Don’t have 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G network transmission.

Slim design blends with collar, like this, prevents hook on foreign objects and self-harm pet. As keyring tags can easily cost to our pets


SNQiT gets power from smartphone to activate information what is written in the tag

SNQiT is not live time tracker-GPS

SNQiT is electronic Identification tag

WeB SNQiT have few steps to work for:

  1. Order SNQiT
  2. Receive and activate tag online (this is link)
  3. Add tag on your pets favourite collar and secure safe pin behind a tag
  4. Relapse tag information any time online


Premium SNQiT:

  1. Order SNQiT
  2. Add tag on your pets favourite collar and secure safe pin behind a tag
  3. All tag will be shipped to you fully working


NFC iD Tag:

  1. Order NFC iD Tag
  2. Receive and write any information you like by your self
  3. Recommending just if you know what you do


use minimum information to the pet founder buy using links as a task manager.

example: no Full Name, email or full address is seeing on pet portfolio online. Instead have link to activate direct email or google map for your address.


Premium SNQiT

instant call activation. It means first you will get a call from the person who found your pet before a person can see any additional information about the pet.

No address is written to the tag. Instead of your address person who found your pet have option send SMS to you with pets location where the pet was found.

NFC iD Tag

it’s secure as much as you will be made tag safe yourself

WeB SNQiT you will need register online (this is link)

Premium SNQiT no needs register. You will receive tag fully operational.

NFC iD Tag is empty pet tag. You will need use APP to write information into tag

30 day Money guarantee for full satisfaction.

With Web SNQiT you will get pets life time SNQiT functionality warranty alongside with no cost to subscriber, tag replacement if its necessary (please see terms and conditions).


24/7 text free email support