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How NFC tag work?

How to activate NFC/QR?

Premium NFC iD
will be sent to you fully operational and activated.
NFC iD Tag
To activate you will need NFC writer APP "Trigger Writer" Please follow Trigger Writer instruction how to activate NFC Tag
To activate this Tag please pres ACTIVATION Button on the top Website toolbar and fill Activation Form This is how simple to activate NFC/QR

How NFC iD tag work?

Collar with NFC iD tag is activated and ready to use. In case the pet gets lost and found by someone a founder will tag his smartphone to the NFC logo located on the collar. Smart Phone will be activated with
Website Page where will be full information about a pet
4 options to the founder.
1) Make a call to the owner
2) Send SMS with premade text to pets owner.
3) check the location where a pet is living
4) Any over additional information you like to share

What Phones support NFC?

August 2019 Statistic
%47 iOS; %48 Androids; %5 other OS
With NFC function built into the phone (NO APP REQUIRED)
older as iPhone X: With NFC function built into the phone (Required NFC reading APP)
iPhone X and latest, not required App

What is Written in iD tag?

NFC iD tag is activated with
Option #1 your Phone number, home Location, SMS text to your phone, additional information you like to share
Option #2 Website page with full information about pet

NFC specification

NXP NTAG215 chip
They have an excellent reading distance.(2-5cm)
This version has the large capacity NTAG215 chip so can store 496 characters of data.
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