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35 Multon House, Shore Place, London, United Kingdom, E9 7QD

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We all love our furry friends so why not show it with a new surprise every month and help the animal shelter in the process.
Take some pressure off and give our lovely animals the love.
Our Team is helping animal shelter as well as sending you a random package every month with something different every time.
And on the special days, they get something more special and exciting.

Having Pets opens more doors.

That’s why we created Ggive Paw LTD,
One day ‘Kaiba’ saw ‘Blu’ from at a distance. Little did I know (jyd) it would be love at 1st sight for him.

There was an instant connection between the two. Blu and Kaiba was in love. Over the past few months, we’d stay in contact and form a friendship with William and Blu to which we discovered; similar interests; passion for designing products and love for our pets.

We wanted to spoil our dogs and make it easier for others to do the same. As pet lovers, we would spend x amount on treats, products and food. At we make it just that lil bit easier for our customers whilst helping donating to charitable organisations.

Seeing our fluffy animals light up with joy and excitement each time they’re given new toys makes our day a lot brighter.

Sign up now to keep giving love back to your lovely pets.