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posting box using
%90 recycled paper

SNQiT: Smart NFC/QR iDentification Tag
For Your Pet

Keep your pets safe playing outside with SNQiT help. Just tap NFC logo or scan QR to get all pets information

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So what is SNQiT?


Your Pets Electronic iDentification tag

Smart- tag can be activated with smartphone

NFC- (Near field communication) most smartphones have this function to operate contactless payments. Google-pay; Apple-pay

QR- (Quick Response) every smartphone with camera have this future

iDentification- reveals all pets information, same as pet’s microchip

Tag- a small piece or part that is attached to a main body

How does SNQiT work?

Suitable for all type collars from 1.5cm to 5cm width.

Order or Subscribe

Purchase Smart NFC QR Identification Tag or Smart SNQiT Collar, Subscribe if you want WeBsite page for your pet.

QR/NFC identification tag

Activate your Smart Tag

Activate SNQiT using your mobile phone through WeBsite or using the APP. Premium SNQiT does not require activation. It will be sent to you fully operational

Play free/ stay safe

Now is Safe Go Outside

Play and give pets freedom. You now safe to play Outside and you know your pet will be safe and found his way home safe

No More Vets

You don't need Veterinary to scan your pet and give Contact information or any additional information you like share


  -WeB SNQiT|Engraved Pet Tag|GPS|Bluetooth Beacon
Pet iD-5000+ symbols|up to 58 symbols|voice iD|don't have
Change Details-YES|No|Yes|no
Replace a collar-Easy to attach and detach|Is a challenge, using key ring|Need special collar mounting|Is a challenge, using key ring
Size/Weight-25mm x 3mm/4g|25mm x 3mm/10g|50mm x 14.7mm/30g|36mm x 5.8mm/10g
Tracking-NFC/QR/no real time tracking|visual/no real time tracking|Anywhere is 2G signal|op to 50M/no real time tracking
Battery lifetime-No battery, 10 year lifetime|life time up to you change personal details (phone number, address...)|2-5 days/2h charging time|3month/2-3h charging time
Internet Connection-required|Norequiredrequired
Warrantee-pets lifetime warrantee|NO|18 month limited product warranty|30 days return warranty
Damage Protection-Slim design blends with collar,
%100 Waterproof, shock proof
|Hangs separate from Collar.
Not save-can hook on foreign object and self-harm pet
|Fully waterproof up to 3 metres (IPX8)|water resist, Not save-can hook on foreign object and self-harm pet

Join those who already safe with SNQiT

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